Integrative PREPPER Skills and Drills (Video)

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To really improve your prepper skills, try practicing them in an integrative manner that combines two or more skills at once.

Podcast Transcript: “This is gonna be relatively short podcast, but it’s a important one. It’s about the integration of your preparedness skills. This is crucial and it’s something that’s a missing link in a lot of people’s preparedness plans. It has been in my preparedness plans for a long time as well, but I’ve been doing a lot of integrative training. Let me really define that for you. It means that instead of just having isolated skills, such as let’s say ground fighting, you know getting out of holds, you’re getting back on your feet or whatever. That’s one skill set some people trained in that and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for example, MMA ground fighting or wrestling, versus let’s say handgun skills and pistol skills. Usually people don’t train those things together. For example, recently I was very fortunate to locate an instructor who is a Special Forces guy and Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter. He was able to train me on integrating these two skill sets. Such as getting out of a mount or a hold on the ground, and being able to fight off other attackers coming your way. You do a little ground-and-pound, then work with the pistol, integrating these skills taking somebody to the ground and then shooting at another potential enemy or someone trying to kill you, coming right at you. So, integrating different skill sets is crucial…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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Integrative PREPPER skills and drills from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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